Glass Past meets Glass Futures in St Helens

Glass Futures is a £54 million development which would have the capability for research and development trials to demonstrate new manufacturing processes, products and approaches to improve efficiencies whilst decarbonising the glass industry and providing a world class training facility for the current and future workforce.

Glass Futures is about the next step change, about the next quantum leap to propel this most fundamental of materials into the next age of manufacture. There is no doubt that this brave concept will succeed, it is after all what the glass industry needs, more than it probably knows. Furthermore, it is only fitting that this meeting of Past and Future should take place in the spiritual home of Glass – St Helens.

A Tesco car park is all that separates Glass Futures from its famous forebear – Cannington Shaw. The close proximity of these two ground breaking facilities is a fantastic opportunity for the town and borough. The timescales that will see Glass Futures commence its activities is similar to that which will see Cannington Shaw ready for the future. As part of the recent Town Investment Plan submitted to Government, Cannington Shaw is earmarked to work in partnership with Glass Futures as a visitor centre, highlighting and informing what the visionary new world first facility is about. The significance of this partnership is more than symbolic and will provide a fitting role for Cannington Shaw.

It will truly be a case of Glass Past meets Glass Futures in the spiritual home of Glass Making – St Helens.

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